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Welcome To Petaling Jaya
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Petaling Jaya presents locals and visitors with a wide selection of traditional shops, supermarkets and department stores. The Japanese Jaya Jusco, the Swedish IKEA and the British Tesco are  among the foreign retailers. Another tenant is the born-in-Malaysia Giant, which is now Hong Kong-owned.

A big hit with residents and visitors alike is the Amcorp Mall sited close to the Federal Highway. It houses a variety of outlets, including a supermarket, eateries, boutiques and amusement centres. One of the mall’s big attractions is the fleamarket it hosts every Saturday and Sunday. Participants set up tables on all floors of the mall, selling a multitude of wares, from antiques to vinyl records, home-made food to old and new toys, knick knacks to gift items.

The shopping complexes and malls are strategically located in such areas as Damansara Utama, Kelana Jaya, Damansara Jaya, SEA Park, PJ New Town and PJ Old Town. Customer demands,  backed by increased purchasing power, have changed the shopping scene of Petaling Jaya as retailers compete for business.

The Jaya Supermarket, built in 1974 and generally considered to be the first supermarket in Petaling Jaya, is one of the establishments affected by the change. Once the main lifestyle centre of  Petaling Jaya, the supermarket now serves mostly residents of Section 14. The supermarket has been earmarked for redevelopment.

Another shopping institution that is popular in Petaling Jaya, as in the rest of the country, is the pasar malam or night market. The pasar malam operates at designated spots from evening to midnight, selling a very wide variety of items, from fresh-cooked food to garments, groceries to fashion accessories, household utensils to musical discs, potted plants to toys, and trinkets to tools. During weekends, the pasar tani or farmers market opens at various allotted places in Petaling Jaya from morning to noon. The farm produce it sells include vegetables and fruits, fish, chicken and beef. The increasingly popular pasar tani also offers flowers and plants and traditionally-designed clothes. As new businesses come up, plans are being laid for reinvigorating certain areas that entail improving old establishments. With such a response to increasing expectations, life in Petaling Jaya can only get better.

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The latest about Petaling Jaya news here, featuring top stories from local newspaper

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